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Garden classroom a community effort

Eight months ago, the Eagle Creek Elementary Parents’ Club learned it was the recipient of a generous grant from Lowe’s Incorporated to build an “Outdoor Learning Garden Classroom” for students to learn about biology firsthand and to enjoy growing fresh organic produce for use in their cafeteria.

That news initiated a project that involved the generous donation of time, labor, expertise, donated materials, equipment rentals and discounted materials from more than 50 volunteer community members and 12 local businesses and organizations. Many of these volunteers spent 10 or more hours designing the garden, scraping sod and removing weeds and overgrown ground cover, pruning a tree, building a retaining wall, wheel-barrowing soil and gravel, installing an automatic drip irrigation system, placing wood chips on paths, and building a garden shed and compost bins, along with so much more.

I would like to gratefully acknowledge and sincerely thank the following generous individuals and businesses, without whose dedicated effort and generosity this beautiful garden would not have been possible: Akins Construction — Dave Akins; Jan Alderman; All American Rentals — David & Tina Weatherall; Leslie Andre; Shanan & Ellie Batson; Boring Bark Products — Steve Giusto; Debra Bufton; Dave & Vince Bugni; Cascade Mechanical — Pat Pemberton; Clackamas Landscape Supply Inc. — James; Clackamas River Country Store — Steve Josse & Kathy Jensen; Warren & Josie Damon; Erica & Curt Drengler; Eagle Creek Elementary — Principal Dan Draper; Americorps volunteer Brian Eberhardt; Estacada Bark — Alan Rademacher; Estacada Rock Products — Pam & Dave Coffin; Fertile Ground — Stephen Shibley; David Gardelius; Renate, Neal & Adelia Jeppeson; Brooke & Chanterelle Lenzi; Lowe’s Inc. & the Clackamas & Wood Village stores —Aaron McJunkin, Patrick Perales, Geo Sutter & Stephanie; Julie & Emma Mast; Bernhard Masterson; Doug, Claudia Hernandez, Mexico, & Dakota Nash; Northwest Bulb and Perennial — Rene, Christine, Allegra & Johan Huurman & their amazing crew of workers; Cynthia & Bob Patterson; Stephanie Schoenleber; Stewarding an Edible Estacada District (SEED); Timberlake Job Corps — teachers Christine Hennessey & Charli Powers, and students Elizabeth Aslanyan, Brandon Ausec, Jordan Bennion, T.J. Bird, Virginia Fagaldefeg, Gustin Nito, Jahmal Powers, Tristin Tucker & Sam Van Kampen; and Daniel Wright. Thank you so much to all these wonderfully generous persons, businesses and organizations.

Before school ended in June, nearly every Eagle Creek Elementary student planted seeds or starts in the garden, which have grown and thrived over the summer. Many pounds of snow peas, lettuce, kohlrabi, radishes, broccoli, basil and other herbs, tomatoes, beets, strawberries and blueberries have been harvested for children’s lunches, served by the Estacada School District free summer food program and given to the Estacada Food Bank.

Stop by to see the towering sunflowers bending toward the sun and the beauty and bounty of this school garden that volunteers built and students planted.

Mary Ann Bugni

Former Eagle Creek Parents’ Club Secretary