SEED: Stewarding an Edible Estacada District School & Community Gardens


Grants Received

  • Lowe's Toolbox for Education Grant: $3,700, to build the Eagle Creek Elementary Outdoor Learning Garden Classroom, December 30, 2009.
  • Community Health Division of Health, Housing & Human Services for Clackamas County Grant:  
  • $7,955 to complete the building of the Estacada High School greenhouse, December 2010.
  • Whole Foods Whole Kids Grant:             $2,000, in partnership with the Estacada Area Food Bank, which also contributed $1,000 toward the effort, to build a second garden at the Estacada Junior High School, this one to benefit the Estacada Area Food Bank, September 2013.

Building a garden using the "lasagna" layering method (cardboard directly over sod, then compost, straw, and a soil/manure/sand/compost blend over the top) at River Mill Elementary, February 2009.

   How can you help?

  1. Parents or relatives may contact your child's school office, or community members may contact your nearby school's office, to ask how you can volunteer.
  2. Monetary donations are also welcome, to purchase additional needed, school garden-related items. You may donate to support SEED school gardens by phoning SEED's 501(c)3 nonprofit, financial agent, the Estacada Community Foundation, at 503-630-GIVE or by mailing a donation to SEED, C/O Estacada Community Foundation, PO Box 1498, Estacada, Oregon 97023. Please make your check payable to Estacada Community Foundation, with a memo note of "SEED".

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