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Spring is here in the Estacada SEED school gardens!

March 27, 2011
The school gardens are waking up at River Mill Elementary, Eagle Creek Elementary and Estacada Junior High Schools, as spring rains and warmer temperatures are finally here in Estacada! In the gardens, birds are charmingly chirping, worms are wriggling up from the soil to find some fresh air, and the smell of damp earth permeates the air! All good signs that spring is here and planting time is near. Students have begun seed starts in their classrooms for planting in their school gardens in April. Salad Fridays will be featured again, beginning in May, at Eagle Creek Elementary during lunchtime, when all that’s fresh in the garden will be offered to all students in a giant salad! Parents and community members are welcome to help in the gardens. Please phone your school to ask how you can help!

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March 26, 2011

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