SEED: Stewarding an Edible Estacada District School & Community Gardens


About Us

Our organization plants and reaps a bountiful harvest of community cooperation, learning and sustenance through the support of Estacada school gardens.

Building the Eagle Creek Elementary School garden was a volunteer effort by community members of all ages! February 2009.

 Fragrant herbs smell wonderful!

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How it all began!

On February 17, 2009, the Inaugural Estacada School and Community Garden Steering Committee Meeting was held. With the enthusiastic support of the Estacada School District Nutrition Services Manager, ground was broken for school gardens at River Mill Elementary and Eagle Creek Elementary Schools, with donated and discounted straw bales, manure and soil blend from local businesses. Students planted vegetable seeds and starts in the following weeks, and began to harvest fresh produce for use in their school cafeterias later that growing season. During the winter of 2010-2011, the Estacada Junior High prepared a lovely pinwheel-shaped school garden, which was planted by students on Earth Day, 2011! During the winter of 2014, a second garden was built at Estacada Junior High, with the help of a Whole Foods Whole Kids Foundation grant, in partnership with, and to benefit the clients of, the Estacada Area Food Bank. More than 2000 pounds of produce was delivered the very first season! In 2012, SEED wrote a successful Clackamas County (Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) grant to construct a 30 sq. ft. x 80 sq. ft. greenhouse on the Estacada High School property, complete in the fall 2013, which is used by the Horticulture and Ag classes. We annually plant each garden during late winter and spring, for late spring, summer and fall harvests, engaging students in all aspects of producing vegetables and fruit to eat in their school cafeterias and to share with their community. 

Board of Directors

Stephen Shibley, Chair

Mary Ann Bugni, Co-Chair and Secretary

Tiffany Canifax, Treasurer/Estacada Community Foundation,  SEED's Non-Profit Financial Partner

Julie Theander, Estacada School District Nutrition Services Supervisor

Kelley Ferrera, Estacada School District Nurse

Open seat, Eagle Creek Elementary Representative

Open seat, Clackamas River Elementary Representative

Open seat, Estacada Middle School Representative

Kevin Kirchhofer, Estacada High School Representative