SEED: Stewarding an Edible Estacada District School & Community Gardens


Welcome to the SEED site!

We created this website to promote school gardens in Estacada, Oregon.

Eagle Creek Elementary's Outdoor Learning Garden Classroom in full bloom!

Funded by a Lowe's Toolbox for Education grant, the Eagle Creek Elementary Outdoor Learning Garden Classroom began with a community work party, February 2010!

Installing the drip irrigation system at the Eagle Creek Elementary Garden Classroom, with the help of Lowe's Wood Village store employee volunteers, Geo and Stephanie, June 2010.

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Develop a self-supporting, district-wide, K-12 school garden program.


Involve students, teachers, parents, and community members in the stewardship of Estacada School District learning gardens.


Support and reinforce the District's efforts to purchase fresh, local produce by working with the District Food and Nutrition Services to help identify and/or grow local, sustainably-produced foods for the District's meal programs.

Expand outdoor learning opportunities where students participate in garden-based activities that are interwoven within grade-appropriate math, science, social studies, and arts curricula.

Educate students and community members about the interconnected relationships of food, environment, ecology, community, and cultural histories.

Decrease the risk of food insecurity in our community and improve nutrition through fun, hands-on learning activities.

Fun facts about SEED's garden efforts: 

·        SEED began with an inaugural meeting on February 17, 2009. Soon after, ground was broken on the first of three school garden at River Mill Elementary.

·        SEED wrote a successful $3,700 grant to Lowe’s in 2009 and built our second school garden, tool shed and compost bins at Eagle Creek Elementary in spring of 2010.

·        SEED biennially holds a fall Harvest Dinner and Silent Auction fundraiser to fund ongoing expenses for tools, soil, seeds, starts, etc.

·        SEED broke ground during the winter of 2010-2011 at the Estacada Middle School on a lovely pinwheel-shaped garden, using donated funds. The garden was first was planted by students on Earth Day of 2011.

·        SEED wrote a successful $7,955 grant to the Clackamas County Healthy Eating Active Living in 2010 to complete the construction of the Estacada High School's 30 ft. x 80 ft. greenhouse. The greenhouse was put into service in the fall of 2012.

·        SEED wrote a successful $2,000 grant to the Whole Foods Whole Kids Foundation to expand and build a second garden at the Estacada Middle School in the spring of 2014. This row crop garden capitalizes on the long-standing partnership between the Estacada Middle School students and the Estacada Area Food Bank, where students volunteer weekly.   This garden was built to be planted, maintained and harvested by students, to provide fresh produce that the Food Bank would otherwise have to buy at great expense.

       Annually more than one ton of fresh garden produce is donated to the Estacada Area Food Bank and delivered to the Estacada School District summer food program and school cafeterias from these school gardens.